Based in Minneapolis, I am a photographer and a photo art director who spent over a decade in the fashion industry, from NYC to Europe.  With a substantial range, from beauty, to lifestyle and fashion, I bring an editorial lens to both commercial, and wedding/portrait assignments.

Born and raised in Poland into a culture of rebeliousness busy with creative problem solving, I understand which rules need to be broken and how to improvise when needed. I instinctively identify and navigate trends and emerging styles.  After earning my M.A. in Photography at New York University, I was lucky to continue learning from some of the greatest fashion shooters in the city. This forever shaped my style.

Should you trust me with your project?  Yes, if you need a strategic planner, an involved partner and a creative to develop cool ideas AND shoot them, like I've done for clients such as Playboy and Cosmopolitan.  Yes, if you get inspired by Fashonista to produce your next shoot or if you are the savvy modern bride. Yes, if you want narrative, atmospheric and edgy work for your next editorial or ad campaign. If, for your wedding or portrait photos, you want modern, fresh and organic style that pushes the boundaries of the timeless and romantic.  Yes, if you want your photographer to go beyond the traditional to create images that are intimate and personal. And, if you want an experience where glamour feels comfortable, tradition meets change and high-end is within reach.


Target, Marie Claire, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, TV Guide, Modern Bride, Your Prom, Metro Magazine, Minnesota Bride, Group USA, Mon Cheri, Private Label by G, Avirex, Uroda, Twoj Styl, Gala, LOT Polish Airlines.


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