Minneapolis based, I am a photographer and a photo art director with solid conceptual thinking skills. Even though I spent over a decade in the fashion industry, from NYC to Europe, my range is substantial and I bring an editorial lens to commercial assignments including kids, lifestyle, beauty and portrait.
My style is narrative, atmospheric and balances logic with intuition. I employ careful message construction and mood creation to deliver creative.
Born and raised in Poland into a culture of rebellion and creative problem solving, I understand which rules need to be broken and how to improvise when needed. I instinctively identify and navigate trends and emerging styles. With linguistics in my background, I successfully tailor images to concepts to communicate brand identities.
After earning my M.A. in Photography at New York University, I continued learning from some of the greatest fashion shooters in the city. This shaped my style and empowered me with a global perspective.
Should you trust me with your project?  Yes, if you need a strategic planner, an involved partner and a creative who can develop concepts as well as shoot projects, like I've done for clients such as Playboy and Cosmopolitan. Yes, if you want perfect 10 casting. I’ve hand-picked models who were soon on their way to the top.  Yes, if you want your budgets guarded. I’ve spent time on the client side as a Creative Buyer at Target where I’ve overseen the execution of multimillion dollar agency campaigns and served as project consultant to internal teams.  And yes, if you need a perspective—I’ve waited tables in NYC with budding actors, slept in hammocks in the Amazon, taught Creative Thinking at NY's Mercy College and I’ve changed a lot of film for my first beloved mentor, Jacques Malignon. 
Target, Marie Claire, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, TV Guide, Modern Bride, Your Prom, Metro Magazine, Minnesota Bride, Group USA, Mon Cheri, Private Label by G, Avirex, Uroda, Twoj Styl, Gala, LOT Polish Airlines.


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